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Marta Van Zeller - Fotografia

Hoje deu-me para escrever em inglês. Foi a minha primeira lingua e talvêz seja a melhor para me expressar sobre uma das coisas que mais gosto: livros.

Marta, 26.08.13

What is it with books?


I was born into reading. Since I was a child I fed on books, mainly because my father has this furious desire on passing this habit to me. He thought well. Indeed one of the main habits that has made me grow inside, gain a richer view of the world and admire everything that surrounds me with permanent admiration and surprise, has been passed on to me by the act of reading.


My father helped me understand what imagination can do for you. As an only child, books were always a trustworthy source to work upon, mainly because you can make up a “never ending story” and have fun for yourself. In fact my life was never lonely, as I always had something precious to hang on to: books, and everything they can do to you.


So what is so special about  these objects full of printed pages?


First of all, once you take a book in your hands, you can never turn back. It enchants you with its magical touch, it invites you to a mysterious discovery that will bewitch you, and once you finish it, you are a different person. Some are a pain, others are marvellous. But even those that seem a pain, have a lesson to teach you, and it´s weird because I was never able to leave a book unfinished.


Why do they call for me so badly ( the books I mean )?


Well first of all, what really attracts me is entering a library, a bookshop, a treasure island full of precious stones waiting to be discovered, and to lose myself in them. I like to wonder inside, and be chosen by them. Yes, books do have a soul, and each of them calls for a different person to understand and enjoy them. Not all of us like the same books, the same authors and the same literary style. Some like science fiction, others like romance and yet others enjoy terror. I confess that my favorite are novels. All kinds of them.


This summer I felt like laughing. I wanted to read something that made me smile inside, and the Spaniards are great at that. They have great authors that write extremely well and with great humor. I´m going to be nice and give you some suggestions:


 - Lo mejor que le puede pasar a un croissant, Pablo Tusset.


- Y entonces sucedió algo maravilloso, Sonia Laredo ( O que estou a ler )


 - Todo lo que podriamos haber sido tu y yo si no fueramos tu y yo, Albert Espinosa


 - Brújulas que buscan sonrisas perdidas, Albert Espinosa


- La felicidad es un té contigo, Mamen Sánchez


- La mujer que vivió un año en la cama, Sue Townsend ( e da qual existe uma versão em inglês )


Reading is essential for my self-balance. It makes me happy. Everything else that surrounds me is also essential, but nurturing our spirit is the best thing we can do for ourselves and others, mainly for my children.

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